Elektra Bregenz is a DJ and visual artist born and raised in Vienna, Austria. Her first passion was photography which led her to video art, visuals and sculpture. She used to keep collecting vinyl and many other vintage items. In 2005 she became a DJ with a great enthusiasm for Electronic Music, Techno, Electro, Experimental Music, Disco, Radio Play and Cack. She documented the electronic music scene in Vienna for many years and continued taking pictures when she moved to Hamburg, Germany. In 2012 she transferred to the Canary Islands started surfing, studying psychology, and continues her creative work since being there.

Born and raised in Vienna Elektra Bregenz specialised on photography, video and object art in the course of her art studies. Collecting records had always been her passion
which inevitable led to an official performance. She plays electronic music as her name already says. But her style is hard to describe because
it is so versatile that it doesn’t fit into a genre.