A little text and some pictures in the Lames Retrospective

Lames had their 10th anniversary. Congratulations!
Therefore they published a wonderful book. I wrote a little text and they printed some of my pictures as well. (Unfortunately they made a mistake with the credits and wrote my antique name Jacqueline Kraus)
If you ever have the chance to visit an event there, just go! It’s a lovely place with great people and a lot creativity! They are based in St.Pölten in Austria.

IMG_20160611_120535530 IMG_20160611_120634204 IMG_20160611_120658242 IMG_20160611_121032677 IMG_20160611_121050244 IMG_20160611_121309401

Nova Hutter
_MG_1311 _MG_1288 _MG_9781   _MG_9658
Miss Hawaii
Mark Boombastik
_MG_1264 _MG_1249
Violetta Parisini